Soluto, home page is the portal to Asurion's mobile protection product, as provided to small mobile carriers such as Walmart, Bell and Rogers.

The first version of this website was a quick and basic design I created in cooperation with another designer. We also did most of the front-end work. Later on, I started working independently on improving this primary version. 

I was trying to understand the core problems of the home page, based on our analytics. Based on the main issues I have come to find, I pitched a list of ideas, created new designs and quick mockups and eventually threw many A/B tests to learn how these changes effect our numbers.   //    Animated mocup


Soluto, web App

Part of the legacy Soluto product was the "mobile view"- a place where a user can manage his mobile device (and other devices), get notified when something needs his attention and manage his settings, apps, and security profile.

We were up for a challenge to make this part of the service a more focused and helpful tool, to help users menage and secure their device.

We had to deal with lots of questions around this interface and the stories told through it. We tried to create an architecture and hierarchy that will really lead the user, in a very intuitive way through this story. 

The following mockups are steps in the process of trying to answer some of these questions - how does a specific notification look like? How do we lead the user to more discovery? How do we guide the user through an inconvenient situation such as loosing his phone and more.

New design default view

New design default view

The old mobile view

The old mobile view

old vs. new

The main thing I found problematic with the old mobile view is that it contains a lot of data but in a way that is very scattered. It has no conclusion and no focus on a single story. It felt like there needs to be one place that holds together all the things I need to pay attention to and all the actions I should take. 

One of the first things we decided to create was a dashboard that summarizes the most important highlights from every section. This sections was a default initial view with the message that "Everything is OK!". This dashboard will appear only when there are no notifications for the user at the moment.

The next question was regarding the notifications. The primary instinct was to go for a conventional top bar with a list of notifications, but fast enough we came to see the notifications as a single story we want to tell the user and we want it to be the only focus of the current view and the first thing he sees. 



Notification view

Notification view with open menu

Locate, lock, alarm, erase content

This feature design started off from a section within the main view. It came clear very shortly that a single column is not enough to tell the whole story. The scenario of having your phone lost or broken was very gentle and required a hand in hand walk though. Finally we decided to go for a side drawer, giving the feeling that this is something that is always here if you need it but then again, when you do not need it - you really don't want to bee thinking about it, so it is totally out of the way.